What is Hafedktech & Hafedk?

At first, we would like to welcome you in our website Hafedk.Org which helps you to know more about our services that help you grow your business.

Hafedktech is a technology website and has many sections for those who would like to know more about different topics in tech field such as: programming, cyber security, software engineering, graphic design and video editing and more..

Since 2015, Ahmed Mohamed started publishing this blog and wrote many articles on it, then post it on Hafedktech Facebook page

After a short period of time, Hafedktech team started uploading videos on youtube about different topics to enrich the tech Arabic content. In the same year, Osama Mohamed “Hafedktech CEO” the second hand of Ahmed Mohamed become the CEO of hafedktech to manage the financial issues of Hafedktech.

In 2016, Mohamed Tolan joined our team to start shooting videos and photos in a professional way as the official Hafedktech Photographing Director.

From 2016 to 2019, Hafedktech team worked hard to enrich Arabic content with videos and educational courses through Youtube and Facebook until we become a well-known channel in Egypt and participated in Youtube Creator Day Event which was held in Cairo in 2018.

In 2019, Hafedktech Youtube Channel reached 100K Subscribers and received SILVER PLAY BUTTON.

The documentary video for this achievement

Hafedktech is now well-known among technological influencers as an educational channel that helps to enrich the Arabic content.

On the other hand, Hafedk is an educational website that helps people to know more about different fields such as languages, marketing and useful information in many fields.

Hafedk started making content on youtube in 2017 and uploaded many videos about different topics. Hafedk team made a Japanese Language course for beginners in 2019 to help those people who want to learn Japanese Language and know more about Japan. And also started to translate on Fiverr Platform in 2020 and offer many other services such as video editing and editing your photos in a professional way.

Hafedk team now is working hard to make more videos on hafedk channel to support those people who would like to learn more about languages specially Japanese Language.

At the end of our article, we encourage you to start your first project with us or advertise on our Hafedktech Channel. You can ask for more details by sending us an e-mail.

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