About Us

Welcome to Hafedk.Org world

In our world, you can find all what you need to improve your business through our wide range of services such as: graphic design, video editing and digital marketing.

Who Are We

Hafedk team consists of three persons until now but we are thinking about letting other people to participate in our team in future.

Ahmed Mohamed was the main founder of Hafedk since 2015. He started his career in graphic design and video editing in 2013.

Osama Mohamed was the CEO of Hafedk since 2015. He started his career in video editing and Japanese language in 2016.

Mohamed Tolan was the official photographing director of Hafedktech since 2016.

Our Mission

Hafedk team aims to provide technical solutions, educational courses and good content to enrich Arabic content.

Our Services also help our clients to find a good way to grow their business with no effort and in no time.

What We Do

Hafedktech & Hafedk

Hafedktech Logo

Hafedktech was a leading tech website in Egypt since 2015 which specializes only in technology field and providing technical Arabic content.

Hafedktech reached 50K followers on Facebook after 3 years of hard working on posting technical content. After 4 years Hafedktech Youtube Channel reached 100K subscribers in 2019.

In this website, our mission is to provide good content in Arabic about tech to enrich Arabic content.

Hafedk Logo

Hafedk is still a startup website since 2017 which aims to provide information and resources about all fields in a professional way.

Hafedk reached 5K followers on Facebook after uploading a Japanese Language course for Beginners on Hafedk Youtube Channel and after many viewers who would like to know more about Japan.

Why Choose Us?

Hafedk Team is a talented team that specializes in the six main important fields that will help your business to grow more.

The six main fields consist of graphic design, video editing, digital marketing, content creation, translation and photo editing.

You can send us an e-mail on (Contact@hafedk.org) or send us a message on Upwork or Fiverr freelancing platforms, and tell us more about what would you like to do.

According to the type of your project, we offer you an amount of money that you can send it through Paypal or Western Union. If you don’t have an account on Fiverr or Upwork to send us money through it, if you have, you can message us on these freelancing platforms.

You can visit our Youtube Channels (Hafedktech) or (Hafedk)

We are currently working on our app that will be launched soon!

You can send us an e-mail and we will discuss with you how to get an internship with us as volunteer.

Some Numbers

Our numbers from 2015 until now.

1 K+
Subscribers on our Youtube Channels
1 K+
Followers on Facebook Pages & Groups
Educational Courses
0 M+
Websites Vistors